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Mohammad Behroozi

Dr. Behroozi earned his PhD/PostDoc from the University of Birmingham, UK, in FE Analysis of tires. He worked as a research scientist at TNO Automotive in the Netherlands and Pratt & Miller Engineering in Michigan, focusing on F&M characterization, tire testing, modeling, simulation technologies, and smart tire development. Currently, he is a Vehicle Dynamicist at General Motors on next-gen Full-size trucks and EV platforms. He instructs workshops on tire mathematical modeling and collaborates with universities on research projects. He has served as an editor, session chair, award committee member, panelist, and reviewer for tire and vehicle dynamics journals and conferences.


An outlook of AI impact on Tire Science and Technology

AI is expected to revolutionize the tire industry, improving tire performance and safety while reducing environmental impact. Through predictive maintenance systems and advanced data analysis, tire manufacturers can optimize tire designs and production processes for greater efficiency and durability. AI-powered simulations can also improve the accuracy of tire models, leading to better product development. As AI technology continues to advance, the potential for innovation in tire science and technology is limitless, paving the way for a more sustainable and safer future on the road. Above lines are written by ChatGPT! This presentation tries validating the AI usage for tire-related sciences.