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Marie Neyret

Upon graduating from INSA LYON with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and specialization in Polymers, Marie has been following her passion for cycling by working for 3 years at Decathlon, Bicycle Division. She is in charge of the technical development of all Decathlon inner tubes as well as Gravel and Kids tyres. With environmental issues being close to her heart, she's currently also leading a project on repair, collection and recycling of inner tubes in order to lower the environmental impact of this product.


Opportunities for the use of novel sustainable raw materials in micromobility

The micromobility industry, represented by mostly mechanical or electrically powered bicycles and scooters, faces different challenges and thus is open to opportunities. The shifted focus on manufacturing impact highlights the need for raw materials that have a lower environmental footprint than the standard rubber formulation ingredients that are used at present. Moreover, the types and the amount used of the so-called ‘green’ rubber ingredients can be increased due to the lower performance requirements in micromobility applications. In the present work, we explore the use of some of these ‘green’ rubber ingredients that aim to fully or partially replace the standard ingredients.