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Girish Radhakrishnan

Girish leads research and development and vehicle dynamics simulation at OptimumG. He and his team are responsible for developing high-fidelity tire and vehicle dynamics models and simulations. These models are integrated in OptimumG’ s simulation software suite or may be deployed on custom software depending on client needs. Girish has been associated with OptimumG since 2018 and has been involved in numerous consulting and software projects. He has a research-based master’s from the Technical University of Eindhoven where he performed a 12-month research project under the tutelage of Prof. Igo Besselink.


Region-of-operation based weighting factors for the Magic Formula parametrization

In this research, it is proposed that relevant regions of operation of the tire be given higher priority while parametrizing the Pacejka model. This is done by creating complex weighting functions that selectively assign weightage to, for example, higher loads and positive slip angle regions. A Magic Formula 6.1 is then parametrized using historical tire data from racing tires with and without the complex weighting function. The two different tire models are used in a vehicle simulation and the results are compared against real measurement data