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Steven Henning

Steven is Cray Valley’s global innovations manager and VP of Fina Technology. He began his career at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in the corporate research group, later moving to Goodyear’s chemical division. His responsibilities for TotalEnergies Cray Valley include managing both global strategic research initiatives and external collaboration for the portfolio of functional additives. Steven has a BSc in materials science and engineering from Pennsylvania State University and an MSc in polymer science from the University of Akron.


Application of sustainably sourced silane-terminated resins in EV tread development

Silane-terminated diene resins have been shown to be useful additives for improving the performance balance of traction and rolling resistance in tire tread compound development. The synergistic mechanism of polycondensation and interpenetrating network formation involving the silica filler, silane coupling agents and silane-terminated diene resins has been established. EV tire development will require a new balance of properties highlighting abrasion resistance and durability without sacrificing traction. In the present study, the extension of the technology to higher filler-loaded EV compounds is explored, focusing on minimizing filler-filler interactions. Sustainably sourced functionalized resin options are included in the technology presented.