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Guido Fona

Guido - and Color Service founder Fabrizio Toschi - is well aware of the problems of tire manufacturers that have a manual dosing process for raw materials, and this has prompted the study and development of the fundamental concepts of automation for this sector. With more than thirty years of experience in this field, Guido will present the advantages of a new and revolutionary product: a fully automatic dosing system able to reduce costs and production times and limit the human mistakes of any tire manufacturer.


Small chemical weighing innovation for the tire world

Perfect dosing is required in the tire production process, where the exact dispensing of raw materials such as polymers, chemicals, carbons and oils is a crucial aspect for the features, function and performance the tire is designed to have. Accurate weighing is essential and plays a crucial role in quality control, traceability, safety, productivity, efficiency and reduction of costs. Color Service will present the revolutionary technology of its fully automatic dosing system, which is able to solve many of the problems present in the manual weighing of powder and liquid products.