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Keith Ferry Cerebrum Sensor Technologies

Keith Ferry

Keith Ferry is the founder and CEO of Cerebrum Sensor Technologies, a Los Angeles-based company providing Intelligent Tire Solutions with insights like tread depth, load, alignment and more. Keith has over a decade of experience in the tire and auto industry through several startups, has won dozens of awards, and holds multiple patents and advanced degrees in engineering and business.


Sensing the road ahead: Advancements in intelligent tire technology

Smart tires are a transformative development in the automotive industry, offering real-time monitoring and data-driven insights into tire health and performance well beyond traditional TPMS. By tracking assets, improving safety, extending tire lifespan, and enhancing overall vehicle efficiency, intelligent tire solutions play a crucial role in modernizing tires and optimizing the driving experience. In this session, we'll dive into the benefits, differentiators, and roadmap of intelligent tire technology.