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Dhaval Doshi Cabot Corporation

Dhaval Doshi

Dr. Dhaval A. Doshi is Director, Products and Formulation for Applications, E2C at Cabot Corporation. Dhaval holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Mexico, USA and B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay. Over past 15 years he has led teams to create particle & composite solutions for consumer products, personal care, insulation, coatings, and optoelectronics markets. He currently leads product technology teams developing elastomer composites solutions for tire and industrial rubber applications.


E2C® solutions for sustainability and performance for the tire applications

In this presentation Cabot will highlight advances in new E2C solutions that increase sustainable materials content, decrease tire company Scope 2 & 3 emissions, and deliver significant performance and sustainability benefits for tire applications.