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Yoshikazu Ueno Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Yoshikazu Ueno

Yoshikazu Ueno is an Assistant Manager of Quality and Product Development Department, Elastomer Division, Kuraray Co., Ltd. He joined Kuraray in 2014 as a researcher for Elastomer Products, and his current study involves new polymer development and application development of liquid isoprene and butadiene rubbers.


Liquid rubber, a cross-linkable plasticizer

Kuraray developed a series of liquid rubber products with molecular weights ranging from a few thousands to one hundred thousand. These polymers which consist of isoprene, butadiene and styrene are used by tire manufacturers to achieve improvements in processing and tire performance. This presentation covers the latest study of the effects of liquid rubber on processability. Kuraray will present the advantages of using liquid rubbers in model tire tread formulations.