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Sven Thiele Synthos Schkopau GmbH

Sven Thiele

Prior to joining Synthos, Dr. Sven Thiele held various R&D positions at Trinseo and Dow from 2000 to 2021 and at DSM from 1997 to 1999. Thiele's successful career has led to several awards, including the 2011 IQ Innovation Award in the Chemistry/Plastics category, the 2015 DKG Product Award and the 2017 Hugo Junkers Award for Best Product Development. Thiele holds a PhD in Chemistry from Westfaelische Wilhelms University in Muenster, Germany.


Functionalized low-Tg SSBR and BR for high performance tires

New synthetic rubber development must consider a variety of tire design requirements in a diversified tire market, environmental challenges, and regulatory requirements. Currently, the priority is on low wear characteristics, excellent wet grip and low rolling resistance properties of HP tires. This performance target can be achieved with Synthos' new functionalized low Tg SSBR solutions which optimize tire compound performance in terms of low rolling resistance and high abrasion resistance.