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Philippe van Bogaert Bogimac Material Fatigue Testing Equipment

Philippe van Bogaert

Philippe has an MSc in mechanical engineering from KUL University of Leuven and has spent his whole career in R&D of high-dynamic machine development. He was the chief mechanical engineer in the R&D department at Picanol weaving machines before founding the Bogimac engineering company with his wife in 1991.


Underlying physics of relevant fatigue testing for the failure modes on tire & rubber reinforcement

To be relevant, fatigue testing methods must (1) generate the failure modes of the final application (2) under load and test cycle count conditions validating the required 60-400Mc life expectation. The tire being probably the most complex mechanical system in the world, no one may expect a single fatigue test method to cover the actual challenges of this industry on cost, performance & Eco-achievements. The generic test equipment with specific sample preparation & methodology are reviewed for the occurring failure modes.