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Bahadir Kaya Kordsa

Bahadir Kaya

Bahadır KayaA has worked in the R&D and marketing departments for the chemical and tire industries and has over 10 years of experience. He joined Kordsa in 2016 to reinforce market development projects for the tire industry and continues to deploy mobility and sustainability projects both in tire and reinforcement materials with his latest role as marketing manager.


Reinforcing the future of mobility with an electrified future

Kordsa, as a global leader in reinforcement technologies, positioning itself as an enabler rather than a manufacturer, contributes to CASE mobility with its innovative and sustainable reinforcement technologies and products. CASE mobility, composed of the initials of 'connected', 'autonomous', 'shared' and 'electric', is considered the future of mobility. For instance, in collaboration with SES RFID GmbH, the global leader in connectivity, Kordsa has developed a small, flexible RFID tag that can be applied to pneumatic tires, enabling traceability from production to end-of-life. With such and other examples, Kordsa will share how the company strives to provide value.