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Jan Grashuis VMI Group

Jan Grashuis

After studying mechanical engineering, Jan worked for machine builders in several branches. He started as a software engineer for VMI in 2003 and became R&D manager for passenger tire building in 2007, where he was, among others, responsible for the development of two well-known tire building machines: MAXX and Exxium. After having been responsible for all R&D within VMI, as VP R&D since 2014, he now heads the product management department for all tire-related products.


Pixxel, VMI’s integrated QA platform

QA systems have become extremely important in recent years. They not only ensure accurate process control, but also enable machines to produce autonomously and without an operator. And they produce valuable data. To be able to rely on this measurement data, much more is needed than just a camera. Calibration and validation must also be integrated in the system. And all this without major impact on the output of the machine.