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Mathieu Grob FORS Performance

Mathieu Grob

Mathieu Grob studied theoritical physics at the Grenoble University in France, leading to one Master Degree in Astrophysics and one in Physics Modeling. He spent the next 10 years at the Michelin Headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, starting with NVH simulation softwares up to working on virtual tire design initiatives in driving simulators. He then pursued the driving simulator path and worked at VI-grade, a simulation softwares and driving simulator company, as Presales manager. In 2022 he moved to FORS Performance to take the role of manager of the company, alongside the Founder and CTO Frederic Ruat.


The virtous circle of tire measurement, modeling and correlation

FORS Performance is an engineering company, created in 2016, which has developed specific expertise on tire understanding, measurement, modeling and in relation to the ground and the vehicles as a whole. FORS Performance has developed the virtuous circle approach, consisting of a combination of various measurements protocols and bench, specific expertise in tire physics and modeling, and on-track correlation work to create a continuous learning and improving tire knowledge database. In this presentation FORS Manager will introduce this vision, aimed at producing industry leading tire knowledge and its influence on vehicle performance.