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Marco Furlan Calspan Corporation

Marco Furlan

Marco graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Valencia Polytechnic University in 2015 and received an MSc in Motorsport Engineering from Oxford Brookes University in 2016. He is currently studying part-time for a Ph.D. in Tire Friction and Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University. In addition, he worked as a Tire Modelling and CAE Analyst Engineer in Jaguar Land Rover. Currently, he is a Senior Modelling and Simulation Engineer at Calspan, where he is developing new modelling capabilities closely related to his Ph.D. investigation, including advanced thermal models, transients, and friction estimation.


A new approach to Thermo-Mechanical tire modelling

Calspan has developed a new thermo-mechanical tire model to better address current and future needs of the automotive industry. The real-time capable physical tire model simulates tire behaviors using a modular architecture and is designed to be parameterized with readily available and accurate test data. The model relies on a highly accurate contact patch model (which is parameterized with DCPP data), which improves the fidelity of other physical sub-models such us the tread model for the force generation, the thermal model, the wear model or the advanced friction model with road roughness dependency.