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Nick White Ergon

Nick White

Nick has 20 years of experience providing technical and commercial solutions to the polymer and process oil industries. Starting his career as a technical salesperson for Process Oils Inc, Nick has helped customers to incorporate process oils into various applications over the years. Nick has been particularly active in the past 10 years, helping process oil customers find a fit for plant-based and recycled molecules.


Characterization and valorification of pyrolysis oils for use in tires

As ESG mandates push companies to focus on renewable and recycled raw materials, interest and activity in pyrolysis oils have grown. By first defining the properties of pyrolysis oils derived from different materials and their technical efficacies, the challenges of incorporating pyrolysis oils into rubber and tire compounds are explored. Ergon will address ways to use these novel materials to produce polymers, process oils, or other additives dedicated to tire applications.