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Easily replaceable mould vents
Gottschol Alcuilux - Stand 4030

GACZ recently launched a two-piece spring vent to cater for applications where vents get easily blocked. Compared with the firm’s one-piece vent, the two-piece version can be taken apart and the core can be replaced instead of replacing the whole vent. Whether a one-piece vent or two-piece vent is more suitable for any particular applications depends on the frequency of mould cleaning. If there is no need for frequent vent replacement, using the one-piece type will turn out to be cheaper in the long term.

The company can offer standard, off-the-shelf products, or it can further customise the product after initial trials. All key parameters can be tailored, including outer vent diameter, vent component materials, spring force and vent stroke. This approach ensures every customer gets the right solution for their individual needs.

Stand: 4030

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