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Day 2: SMC displays its latest system to enhance efficiency within tire production

Designed to save energy and improve sustainability, SMC’s latest air management system for the tire and automotive industries benefits from programable automatic pressure reduction and shut-off times.

To further enhance maintenance capabilities for facilities, the solution is capable of measuring flow, pressure and temperature. Additionally, the air management system is compatible with OPC UA, ethernet/IP and PROFINET systems.

For ease of installation, the smart solution supports a wireless connection between 10 remote units which can be up to 100m apart.

“In most industries at the moment, energy consumption is a big thing. The air management system is designed to reduce air usage automatically,” explains SMC’s Andrew Still, industry projects manager – energy - Europe. “We monitor three characteristics consisting of flow, pressure and temperature. Additionally, we provide data via OPC UA, PROFINET and ethernet/IP which enables a company to digitally fingerprint a system. By digitally fingerprinting what is happening on a machine, a company can see if a component is using more air or see if it is leaking, for example. This leads into condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance.”

To learn more about SMC’s technologies, visit Booth 7035.

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