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Day 2: XSensor showcases advanced dynamic tire testing technology

Developed specifically for automotive design and testing applications, XSensor’s pressure mapping solutions – powered by Intelligent Dynamic Sensing – are being exhibited at this year’s expo. The smart solution is designed to help engineers achieve a high level of both performance and safety in tire designs for the passenger and commercial tire markets.

XSensor’s high-speed (HS) and X3 tire systems are capable of capturing complete tire footprint high-resolution contact patch data at high speeds – data which is viewed as critical for tire performance evaluation. The systems can be used to profile tires, perform tread contact analysis and help engineers to better understand tire bead pressures.

The company also offers large-scale sensors which are designed for industrial tire applications. These provide detailed footprint data for tires that are more than 3 meters in diameter. The solution also allows sub-soil usage.

To learn more about XSensor’s technologies, visit booth 3015.

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