New products presented in ’23

Day 2: VMI launches VMI UNIXX belt maker

Making its debut at Tire Technology Expo 2023 is VMI’s all-new VMI UNIXX belt maker, which manufactures high-quality, endless steel belts using an accurately controlled extrusion process. This latest machine can handle an array of different compounds.

VMI’s system is designed for ‘hands-off, eyes-off production’. Due to the limited width of the extruded strip, the amount of scrap and waste from angle and compound changes is reduced. Automation means the UNIXX belt maker is highly adept at delivering consistent, high-quality belts. It can also produce thinner belts to reduce a tire’s overall weight and rolling resistance.

Additional advantages of the new machine include lower energy consumption and reduced operator involvement. As a result, each square meter of steel belt produced costs less when compared with the traditional belt manufacturing process.

To learn more about VMI’s technologies, visit Booth 8054.

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