Tire Technology Expo Conference awards
'Young Scientist'

The 2023 Tire Technology Conference, Hannover, will play host to the ‘Young Scientist Prize’.

The award is aiming to reward and encourage young scientists and engineers within the tire industry. The prize will be independently judged and awarded by an established panel of judges from within the industry.

The award is available on a world-wide basis to any person involved in the research of tires and their performance, tire materials, tire engineering and mathematics and tire production and independent of whether they are in university, a research institute or in industry-based research.

Candidates, from either university or industry, will be expected to give a presentation that will then be evaluated by the independent judging panel. The successful entrant will be awarded £2,000 as well as a prestigious trophy.

The presentation will be judged on the quality of the research work presented, measured against the potential value in terms of further development and practical application. The clarity of the logic, the clearness of the presentation and the degree to which the young scientist is seen to have been responsible for the work will also be considered. Additionally, the manner with which questions are answered at interview and/or after their presentation will also be taken into account.

The only stipulation is that entrants for the award should be 30 years or younger on the first day of the Conference, March 20, 2023.