The Effect of Road Surface Variation on Tire Performance Short Course

To be held on Monday 4 March 2019.

€695 plus German VAT for the one-day course. CAN BE BOOKED ON ITS OWN

This course will investigate the effect of the road surface on the rolling properties of tires: noise, rolling resistance and braking.

The objective is to improve tire engineers’ understanding of the variation in road surface properties found in the real world, and how such variations upset the carefully designed properties of the tires when run on these surfaces.

The course will be run by Bert Peeters, M+P Consulting Engineers and Jacob Groenendijk, KOAC-NPC

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1 Day 4 March 2019

Topics will include:

Road surface properties and measurement methods (special attention to the surface properties on which the tyre testing is done for wet grip, noise and coast down measurements)

Some basic topics in the mechanics of the tyre/road interface

  • Distribution of contact points in the contact patch
  • Static modelling of the contact force distribution
  • Some aspects to take into account when doing dynamic modelling of contact force

The effect of different types of road surfaces on the Noise, Rolling Resistance and Wet Grip properties of a general passenger car tyre and a general truck tyre (distinction between steer, drive and trailer type) and the explanation of the relevant surface properties that explain this effect

More data on how the road surface influences differences in performance between tyres (improvements found on a test track are lost when the tyre is brought to rough textured surfaces, or ranking of tyres on some performance at one surface may totally change at another surface)

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