5, 6, 7 March 2019
Halls 19/20/21, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

NEW Course for Tire Technology Conference, March 2019:

Intelligent Tires-and-Vehicle Systems in Automotive Transportation

To be held on Monday 4 - Wednesday 6 March 2019.

€1,425 plus German VAT for the two and a half day course. CAN BE BOOKED ON ITS OWN

Proposed Course for Tire Technology Conference; March 2019:

Intelligent Tires-and-Vehicle Systems in Automotive Transportation

Development of intelligent tires-and-vehicle is an area of high interest in automotive transportation and such interest is likely to grow further in future, both for conventional vehicles as well as for those with some level of autonomous driving. This course will discuss the multiple aspects of automobile dynamics that are driving the development of intelligent tires. Also included will be discussions of the technologies and the engineering principles required for the integration of intelligent tires and vehicles to meet various goals. Current status, ongoing developments and future applications of these technologies will be presented.

The course will be run by Professors Mukul K Verma and Vladimir Vantsevich from The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Brief description of topics to be covered in the course:

  • Current and future requirements in the automobile / tire industry. Regulatory, competitive and customer-driven demands.
  • Intelligent systems in transportation – performance-based definitions. Autonomous vehicle concepts.
  • Performance of pneumatic tires in motion. Direct & indirect TPMS technologies.
  • Quantitative performance targets for integrated tires-and-vehicle as ‘intelligent system’ for energy efficiency & safety. Flow-down to subsystem- and tire-level specifications.
  • Direct measurement from moving tires – rolling resistance, friction, longitudinal and lateral slip. Research summary of direct systems.
  • Vehicle tires as structural systems – dynamics principles and empirical formulae for design and manufacturing parameters.
  • Detailed analysis of tire dynamics - Finite element models, geometrical and material representations. Significant structural parameters governing performance.
  • Embedded Sensor Technologies for measurements in motion. Sensor transduction principles. miniaturization and scaling theories.
  • MEMS and NEMS for vehicle tires – piezo-resistive / piezoelectric/ capacitive/optical/resonance sensors.
  • Sensor integration into tires -Principles, applications, Nanowire technology.
  • Tires in coupled and interactive vehicle system dynamics.
  • Vehicle engineering effectiveness and efficiency improvements – the role of tires.
  • Engine, powertrain, and efficiency of multi-wheel systems connected by mechanical drivelines.
  • Power losses in tires and wheel power management problem in vehicle with four and bigger number of driving wheels.
  • Optimal power distributions to minimize power losses in tires and maximize vehicle energy efficiency.
  • Tire control in electric unmanned ground vehicles (virtual drivelines).
  • Terrain characterization and tire-terrain influence on wheel mobility. Assessment of each wheel contribution to vehicle mobility.
  • Assessment of separate contributions of the tire and terrain to the tire traction characteristic and slippage. Importance in tire-vehicle controls.
  • Tire relaxation time constant analysis. Importance for tire/vehicle traction control.
  • Agile tire dynamics: characteristics and analysis.
  • Experimental research of agile tire dynamics on the MTS FlatTrac machine.
  • Wheel rotational kinematics sensoring for agility: computational analysis of conventional and advanced sensors and experimental results.

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