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Ivan Chodak Polymer Institute SAS

Ivan Chodak

Prof Ivan Chodak is a senior scientist, former head (1982 – 2009) of Department of Composite Materials in Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava. He published over 170 papers, H-index = 33. His scientific interests are aimed to multiphase polymeric systems, including rubber mixtures and composites. He is cooperating with number of companies, e.g. Continental, mainly via contract research. For over 20 years he lectured Polymer Physics at two Slovak universities.


Applications of devulcanized rubber made from truck tyres

Devulcanized rubber (DvR) is used as a partial substitution for rubbers in recipes for various rubber goods. In the lecture, several examples of the application of DvR are shown, the most demanding is a partial substitution of virgin rubber in recipes for tractor tyres. The recommended portion of DvR are discussed considering the changes of ultimate properties, as well as the possible modifications of DvR containing blends by fillers, additives, and optimizing the vulcanization systems.