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Ulrich Giese German Institute for Rubber Technology

Ulrich Giese

Ulrich has a PHD in chemistry since 1988. He started in 1989 at the German Inst. for Rubber Technology (DIK). Currently he is Managing ‎Director of DIK e. V. and of DIK Testing Lab. Since 2010 he is ‎Prof. of Leibniz University of Hannover (Polymer ‎Chemistry). He is editor of the internat. Rubber J. “KGK”. ‎Achievements: appr. 150 publications, 180 lectures; Supervisor for more than 50 phd ‎thesis, Best Paper Award IRC 2014; Harries Medal DKG, 2018; ACS-“Georg Stafford ‎Withby Award”, 2019 ‎


Effect of fillers on thermal oxidative aging behavior of rubbers

Long term stability of rubber products is limited mainly by thermal-‎oxidative aging processes, which are depending on polymer structure and compound ‎ingredients. For optimization of properties of rubber ‎compounds fillers are necessary. So the objective of the study was to get ‎more knowledge about the influence of silica, carbon blacks and CNT on the ‎thermal oxidative stability and aging mechanisms. Systematic ‎investigations were performed by means of modern chemical and physical methods.