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Eric Euchler Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research (IPF) Dresden

Eric Euchler

From 2016 to 2020 Eric was a PhD Student at IPF Dresden. In 2020 he obtained his Dr.-Ing. at TUD Dresden University of Technology. Since 2021 he has been leader of "Research Group Mechanics and Structure of Elastomeric Materials" at IPF Dresden.


Characterizing the mechanics and failure of innovative tire compounds

For tire compounds, the material´s resistances against crack initiation and propagation are of high importance in predicting the product´s lifetime. Considering realistic and application-oriented loading conditions, laboratory data shall be linked to real-world tire performance. In this study, innovative and sustainable tire concepts (modification by imidazole-cured BIIR or ENR) have been characterized by applying coupled testing methods to understand the damage evolution under fatigue loading.