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Constantine Khripin Cabot Corporation

Constantine Khripin

Dr. Constantine Khripin received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University in 2008 and has been working on nanoparticles and composites ever since. Most recently he spent 10 years at Michelin North America studying how to measure and improve tire traction and wear performance. He is currently a Lead Scientist at Cabot Corporation working on developing new sustainable reinforcing fillers for rubber.


Upgrading rC for equivalent performance in existing carbon black applications

The emergence of the Circular Economy necessitates tire recycling and pyrolysis has emerged as a leading technology. Pyrolysis of waste tires creates two useable streams: tire pyrolysis oil (TPO) and reclaimed carbon (rC). While the use of TPO in various chemical processes is fairly straightforward, including as a carbon black feedstock, the use of rC is more complicated. We examine the rubber properties achievable with various available grades of rC having different ash content, silica content, and other properties. We show that, as-produced, these materials cannot satisfy the demanding performance targets of tire technology. We then discuss some upgraded materials.