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Michitaka Kaizu ENEOS Materials Europe GmbH

Michitaka Kaizu

Michitaka Kaizu received the Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Science, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, in 1995. He received the Master’s degree in the Graduate school of Science, Osaka University, in 1997. He majored in Macromolecular Chemistry, and studied organometallic catalysts for polymerization. In 1997, he joined JSR Corporation. He had experienced R&D and process engineering of optical materials for twenty years. Since 2018, he has engaged in R&D of polymer for tire materials.


Effect of SBR main-chain structure modification for tire performance

To respond to Climate Change, there is a strong need in automotive/tire industries to improve rolling and wear resistance, durability, and grip in compounds, raw materials, and synthetic rubber. Research on SBR, the main material of tread compounds, has focused on modification technology, increased molecular weight, improved rolling resistance, tensile strength, and wear resistance. This study focuses on the main-chain structure and its effect on compound structural and physical properties.