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Stefano Roselli Marangoni Meccanica

Stefano Roselli

Stefano Roselli is, since April 2022, the Technical Director of Marangoni Meccanica. Electrical Engineering PhD graduated, and specialized in Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics, Motion Control & Simulation, he has developed his professional experience in the multinational industries world. As the head of the Engineering & Commissioning team of the Company, he holds the complete design responsibility (functional, mechanical, electrical, automation) from concept design to manufacturing drawings/technical specification, Risk Analysis, Manuals and workshop/onsite commissioning for tire-manufacturing machineries.


Intelligent and flexible electromechanic bead lock system

Marangoni Meccanica has patented a system to automate the loading and unloading of carcass and GT. Compared to the pneumatic variant, it has the advantages of a complete and precise control over the diameters of the flanges, even during shaped carcass rotation. The electronic control by drive allows a precise control of the Bead Lock force that will be adjustable by recipe and adaptable during cycle. Fluid and continuous expansion and contraction movements allow a delicate management of carcass and GT preventing surface damages to the bead area. Main features: user friendliness, easy maintainability, safety.