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Jan Henke Meo Carbon Solutions; ISCC

Jan Henke

Jan has a PhD in economics; he has spent four years at Kiel Institute for the World Economy, department of environmental economics; Meo Carbon Solutions, consulting company focusing on sustainability, carbon markets, bio/circular economy, sustainability certification; involved since the beginning in ISCC. He works on renewable resources/energy, sustainability, carbon markets, land use and land use change, GHG calculations, circular/bioeconomy, certification. He is responsible for ISCC PLUS for the circular/bioeconomy


Integration of certified and sustainable raw material for tire production

Tire manufacturers are under pressure to achieve climate neutrality targets. The use of sustainable natural rubber and of recycled raw materials can contribute to these targets. Third party multi-stakeholder certification systems can be used to credibly certify sustainability on rubber plantations, raw material identity, recycled materials, to establish traceability based on specific chain of custody approaches, to determine recycling rates and to make on and off-product claims to customers.