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Fabio Bacchelli Versalis

Fabio Bacchelli

Fabio Bacchelli received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy. He began working as Process Engineer and joined R&D of Versalis, where he has been leading the Department of Elastomer Physics and Elastomer Processing. He is currently part of the Elastomer Business Unit of Versalis as Technical Manager of SBR/BR for tyres, styrenics modification and SBR/BR compounding. Fabio is currently member of the Scientific Council of the German Institute for Rubber Technology


Tyre compound circularity through recycling components

A major target for for increasing circularity in the tyre industry is to find a technology for re-compounding ELT tyres. Sustainability of new tyre production and retreading can be enhanced not only through circular-attributed polymers from R-oil, but also by introducing recycled rubber from both devulcanization and micronization. eSBR with microdispersed ELT powder is combined with devulcanized and fresh rubber to maximise the recycled component. Curing, properties and ageing are investigated.