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Amirhossein Shahdadi Barez Industrial Group

Amirhossein Shahdadi

Amirhossein Shahdadi has worked in the Barez Industrial Group, the most prestigious tire company in Iran, since 2017. Now, he is the manager of disruptive and innovative technologies and his main field of work is to implement new technology trends such as AI and IoT in the tire industry. He also focuses on new mobility trends like electric mobility and tire specification.


The role of tire industry in developing electric mobility

Considering different aspects of EVs, there are three main issues that must be concerned about tires of electric vehicles: Tires for electric vehicles carry a heavier load and have to withstand high instant torque, so the tire construction should be more robust. Greater mass and increased inertia mean longer braking distance, so the tire grip should be improved. The minimal rolling resistance is essential for electric tires, so tires for electric cars offer a smoother and low-impact ride.