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Mateo Gladstone Calspan

Mateo Gladstone

Mateo is a tire testing and modeling expert with an excellent track record of measuring and understanding tire performance in the Automotive and Motorsport fields. He previously worked at Jaguar Land Rover and Jaguar Racing where he was the technical lead in objective tire testing programs, tire modelling and simulations and tire performance. As director of R&D at Calspan, Mateo works with tire and vehicle manufacturers worldwide to enhance their tire testing and modelling programs.


Novel applications of an advanced thermo-mechanical tire model

Calspan’s thermo-mechanical tire model has been developed to better address current and future needs of the automotive industry. Its real-time capabilities coupled with its advanced contact patch model have opened new types of simulations and enabled advanced analysis of tire performance in unprecedented ways. The benefits of these enhanced capabilities are presented in various examples of practical applications, from reducing tread wear emissions to improving vehicle handling correlation.