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Jean-Michel Douarre Michelin

Jean-Michel Douarre

Dr. Jean-Michel Douarre, is an engineer in chemistry, he has been working in Michelin for 32 years. He is expert in material science, on research, predevelopment and development activities. Since November 2021, he is in charge of BlackCycle consortium. He is also responsible for Michelin internal research program on sustainable raw materials.


Recycling end-of-life tyres into new tyres : BlackCycle European project

The European project BlackCycle led by MICHELIN started mid-2020, brings together 13 partners. The project aims to create an innovative circular value chain that goes from the collection of end-of-life tyres to the integration into new tyres of high quality secondary raw materials. The project made recent great progress announcing the production of several tons of sustainable carbon black, made from end-of-life tyre pyrolytic oil, and its successful introduction in a Michelin bus tyre.