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Amitabha Saha Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer & Tyre Research Institute

Amitabha Saha

Amitabha Saha works as a Senior Engineer at HASETRI where he was instrumental in creating India’s first tyre simulation setup. He has more than two decades of experience using simulation technology and has trained generations of simulation engineers. Amitabha is responsible for method developments like prediction of wear pattern, inclusion of tread pattern in simulation, curing simulation and the implementation of material models. Amitabha has more than 15 projects and more than 10 publications.


Prediction of new tyre profile using combined shaping and curing simulation

The precise shape of the new tyre is imperative to all subsequent analysis. The tyre owes its shape to vulcanization, where all the components undergo high deformation before curing rendering it permanent. However, even after its removal from the mould, the tyre experiences residual mechanical and thermal stresses from reinforcements and other rubber components. The current work simulates the stage-wise deformation and the effect of stresses developed during the process.