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Anke Blume University of Twente

Anke Blume

Anke studied chemistry at the university of Hanover / Germany. She did her PhD thesis at the “German Institute for Rubber Technology” (DIK). After that, she worked in the Applied Technology department of Degussa (later Evonik) to develop new silica and silanes for the use in rubber from 1996 - 2021. In October 2013, she became the head of the chair “Elastomer Technology and Engineering" at the University of Twente / The Netherlands.


React or non-react? Insights into silica/silane/functionalized SBR compounds

Functionalized SBR are widely used for modern passenger car tire tread compounds. The functional groups are introduced in a silica / silane-filled SSBR to enhance the polymer-filler interactions, however, what kind of reactions take place compound in the presence of the functionalized SBR were not clarified yet. In this study, different possible interaction / coupling reactions in a silica/silane compound with functionalized SBRs were investigated.