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Dirk Kilian

Dirk Kilian

Dr Kilian started his career at Kuraray Europe as assistant plant manager PVOH and leaving as development manager, elastomer, liquid rubber and TPE. He moved to Unimatec Chemicals Europe where he was division manager of fluorochemicals, regional manager India and business development manager. From here, he moved to Polymer-Technik Elbe, responsible for development and sales of elastomers, then joined IMDC Deutschland in 2020 as technical sales and market manager rubber and PUR. He is currently a representative for Gibitre Instruments. His expertise includes elastomers – application and process; specialty polymers and rubber technology; global development and technical ervice; and business development – elastomers, chemicals and water filters.


De Mattia Fatigue test with automatic storage and AI analysis

Gibitre Instruments presents a new Fatigue tester with Environmental chamber and multiple video cameras, that permits to: - Set the testing conditions (Frequency of oscillation, displacement, temperature, total number of cycles) - Store automatically, with adjustable frequency, the images of each of the 12 samples without interruption of the test - Automatically detect the crack initiation for each sample by analyzing each image using an AI algorithm - Produce a movie for each sample to be downloaded using USB or Network - Set test Temperature between -40 and 200°C