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Mauro Belloni Gibitre Instruments Srl

Mauro Belloni

Mauro Belloni has been president of Gibitre Instruments since 1997 and is Quality Manager of ISO 17025 – Accredited laboratory of Gibitre Instruments. He is responsible for the development of the mathematical test methods for the instruments produced by the company and of the metrological development of the measuring and calibration methods in use. He graduated as an Engineer for Industrial Technologies at Politecnico di Milano in 1992 and is a Member of the Italian ISO commission for rubber physical properties of rubber (ISO TC 45)


De Mattia Fatigue test with automatic storage and AI analysis

Gibitre Instruments presents a new Fatigue tester with Environmental chamber and multiple video cameras, that permits to: - Set the testing conditions (Frequency of oscillation, displacement, temperature, total number of cycles) - Store automatically, with adjustable frequency, the images of each of the 12 samples without interruption of the test - Automatically detect the crack initiation for each sample by analyzing each image using an AI algorithm - Produce a movie for each sample to be downloaded using USB or Network - Set test Temperature between -40 and 200°C