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Saikat Das Gupta Hasetri

Saikat Das Gupta

Dr Das Gupta has a PhD in rubber chemistry. He is presently working at Hasetri, one of the research organizations in India. He is an expert in material characterization, working in the field of environmental and sustainability issues to meet the circular economy. Dr Das Gupta is a co-author of 'Reverse Engineering: a Tool for the Rubber Industry'. He has contributed various chapters and published technical articles in different journals of repute, and owns several patents. Dr Das Gupta holds the position of chief scientist in his current organization.


Determination of cross-link density by dynamic mechanical analyzer

Rubber is a viscoelastic material. It is widely used in different applications. Each rubber product requires different mechanical properties under static as well as dynamic conditions. One of the ways to modify the mechanical properties of rubber products is cross-linking. By changing the cross-link density, one can achieve flexibility or rigidity to suit a particular application. The measurement of cross-link density is generally performed through solvent swelling, which is a time-consuming process. Present research work is conducted to measure cross-link density using a dynamic mechanical analyzer. The correlation between the conventional and developed methods was found to be excellent. The dynamic mechanical analyzer can be deployed in the industry with ease.