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Frank Schmerwitz Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

Frank Schmerwitz

Frank studied chemical engineering in Halle-Merseburg and Dortmund. In 1999 he joined Contitech GmbH and then Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH in 2007.


Tire marker for evaluation of real-world tire wear emission

The investigation of the formation and whereabouts of tire abrasion particles is of high interest at present. A major difficulty in sample collection is the assignment to a specific tire. Especially when taking samples in real operation, there are many interfering sources such as road and brake particles and particles from other tires, as well as organic material of other origin. Here, chemical marker systems are used to detect abrasion material from a specific tire. The determination of the marker quantity in the collected material allows for example statements on the link between driving dynamics and particle size distribution.