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ChunLin Chen TSRC

ChunLin Chen

Dr Chen joined TSRC as a principal chemist in the SSBR development section, R&D division, with responsibility for improving and developing a new solution SBR by microstructure controlling and novel functionalized technology. Dr Chen has spent over seven years investigating organic synthesis, especially pharmaceutical and new material synthesis. Dr Chen has an MSc and PhD in organic chemistry from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. Dr Chen has two first author and four peer-reviewed journal articles in SCI.


Multifunctionalized SSBR and LiBr via multiple-initiation technology for EV tires

Electric vehicles are rapidly growing due to escalating climate/environmental focuses. The top tire goals for EVs include energy efficiency and wear resistance as demanded by heavier weight, battery lifespan and higher startup torque. Accordingly, novel synthetic rubbers with improved rolling resistance (R.R.) and wear properties are expected by the market. Our proprietary multiple-initiation, structural control and process technologies resulted in 15-40% improvements in R.R. and wear, plus better processibility and polymer-filler interactions especially with high filler loadings, compared to conventional chain-end functionalized polymers. TSRC’s new-generation SSBR & LiBr are positioned to support the automotive industry to achieve its sustainability goals.