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Giovanni Narducci MegaRide Srl

Giovanni Narducci

Giovanni Narducci is a modeling engineer at MegaRide – applied vehicle research. He joined MegaRide in 2019 and his main work focuses on the research and development of topics concerning tire contact mechanics. Starting from the specifically designed testing activities to separate the different physical phenomena under study to be conducted in a controlled laboratory environment, the collected data is used to understand the underlying physical laws and to subsequently prototype the mathematical models. His interest areas include the contact mechanics and tire road interaction with a particular focus on wear and thermal phenomena.


weaRIDE: tyre wear physics for realtime simulation and advanced analyses

The presentation will outline weaRIDE, a tyre wear physical model of the MegaRide RIDEsuite product family, taking into account abrasion and degradation phenomena to simulate the tread thickness evolution during tyre lifecycle. The model considers the most relevant factors of the contact mechanics influencing tyre wear such as the tread temperature distribution, the compound viscoelastic behavior and the road roughness characteristics. weaRIDE is designed to be employed both in real-time simulation environments and for advanced analyses in vehicle dynamics and tyre engineering field.