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High-speed tire scan
CMV Hoven GmbH/Tekscan Inc - Stand 6030

German distributor CMV Hoven will introduce Tekscan’s latest pressure mapping application product for capturing tire behaviour and performance at high speeds. The High Speed TireScan system captures the impact of speed, motion and inertial forces on a tire at speeds of up to 265km/h. It is suitable both for testing tires on a rotating drum and placed on a roadway.

The robust array of pressure-sensing elements scans at 20kHz as the tire rolls across the system, enabling engineers to evaluate tire performance at high speeds, identify failure modes and measure tire distortion from inertial force. The system does this by measuring local pressure and tire footprint under a range of circumstances. The software also features a large array of options for graphic and data analysis so that custom reports can be generated quickly.

Stand: 6030

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