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Applus IDIADA - Tire Technology Expo Stand 5007

For tire modeling services and know-how, head to Applus IDIADA’s booth. The company’s expert chassis engineers are able to conduct tire performance assessments using advanced tire models while a vehicle is still being designed, without any involvement in FEM.

For this purpose, IDIADA uses two widely known tire models – the MF-Tyre model, which is applied mainly in handling evaluation, and the F Tire model, used for handling and ride comfort simulation, NVH analysis and road load prediction.

Engineers use a number of basic rigs to characterize tires during this modeling phase. First a skid trailer, enabling handling characterization by controlling the tire’s attitude as it crosses the ground; second a K&C rig, for static stiffness characterization and footprint measurement; and finally an indoor drum, which is used for tire cleat testing, to properly excite the tire modes.

Tire Technology Expo Stand 5007

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Future Show: Tire Technology Expo 2020, 25, 26, 27 February 2020, Halls 19/20/21, Hannover, Germany