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Liquid rubber for high performance
Kuraray - Stand C438

A number of products to improve the production of high-performance tires will feature on the Kuraray stand. The headline product is the bio-based Liquid Farnesene Rubber, which Kuraray says is the first liquid polydiene based on naturally sourced farnesene. When used in the rubber formulation of tires, it improves grip on ice and in low temperatures to give the tire a wide and consistent operating range.

The company’s ‘Liquid Rubber’ high-viscosity synthetic rubbers are based on isoprene, butadiene and styrene. The liquid rubber grades function as reactive plasticisers, but have a higher molecular weight than normal plasticisers. They are co-vulcanisable and significantly reduce migration, which improves the product’s shelf life.

Using Kuraray Liquid Rubber during the compounding phase significantly reduces processing time and improves processability and performance of the compound, while maintaining the rubber compound’s physical properties. This results in a product with lower total processing costs. For more on Liquid Rubber, check out the video below:

Stand: C438

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