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Surface-modified silica
Behn Meyer Europe - Stand C505

Behn Meyer Europe will present its latest development – a surface-modified silica that offers optimized processing and improved properties of tire compounds. Visit the company’s stand to learn more about the new silica and the rest of Behn Meyer’s portfolio of rubber chemicals, including the silica processing aid Ultra
DFR 900, the accelerator Perkacit TBzTD, silica filler specialties and natural rubbersilica masterbatches.

At the conference, company director Dr Joachim Bertrand will give a presentation about another modified silica for use in epoxidized natural rubber. He will show how it can make the compound perform even better. Behn Meyer says that depending on the specific modification of the silica, it can greatly improve properties such as abrasion resistance and tensile moduli, as well as compression set and aging properties. Combinations of different surface-modified silica grades are said to offer a new field of optimization.

Stand: C505

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