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Increased test realism
PRL & Coesfeld - Stand C536

To combat the problem of laboratory tests of rubber not accurately reflecting real-world conditions and use, PRL and Coesfeld are introducing a range of new instruments. The latest development is a setup to characterize the local heat build-up process. To this end, it uses unique multiaxial measuring capabilities such as dynamic altered torque and multiplanar bending, as opposed to programmable load cycles.

Furthermore, PRL’s stand will feature Coesfeld’s developments to qualitatively analyze the Chip&Cut (CC) phenomenon, as well as a fully instrumented appliance to measure the intrinsic strength of rubber materials. This Intrinsic Strength Analyzer automates a method pioneered originally by Lake and Yeoh to estimate the endurance limit of rubber.

This range of new products is the result of a research group that Coesfeld established in 2012 to find answers to questions from the industry regarding real wear and durability test scenarios. The group’s expertise in polymer mechanics and simulation of service conditions resulted in new measurement methods being developed.

Stand: C536

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