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See the automated dosing system that gives unrivaled customization

Italian automatic weighing equipment specialist Lawer is showing its Supersincro fully automated dosing systems at this year’s Tire Technology Expo. Leveraging the company’s expertise in weighing powder products such as pigments, additives and chemicals, Lawer’s products – which are based on single- or multi-scale processes – enable increased reliability, safety and efficiency.

The Supersincro is a horizontal, automatic weighing system for chemicals used in the mixing room. The customizable system can feed different chemicals – stored in big bags, hoppers, silos or interchangeable silos – into bags of varying sizes, which are produced automatically. Additionally, the Supersincro V3 can output up to one bag every 30in and automatically changes the roll of film.

“This is an evolution [of a machine] that we produced five years ago. We have worked hard to continuously improve this new type of automation, [producing] machines not only for the management of the dosing but also for the logistics; the boxes and so on,” commented Federico Ormezzano, Lawer’s managing director. “We know exactly what the needs of the customers are, and we have received a lot of information over the past five years.”

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