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Optical tire mould measurement
Inmess GmbH - Stand 2030

Inmess is adding optical tire mould measuring to its array of tire and wheel measuring systems, which already includes equipment for runout testing, bead compression, endurance tests and more. This year’s Inmess stand will feature the first prototype of a new semi-automatic sidewall measuring system that enables mould and tire makers to measure the main dimensions of the sidewall, as well as all the engraving and texting, in fine detail. The system recognises not only the positioning of the lettering and engraving but also the details and the serration.
When the company compared measurement data from the new system with the original data of the tire, it found deviations of less than .01mm. The machine can perform the measurements in less than 10 minutes – from fixing the sidewall to the machine to generating the report. It achieves this speed even for complete tire moulds consisting of segments, sidewalls and bead rings.

Stand: 2030

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