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Birla showcases its sustainable alternative to furnace carbon black

Following the launch of its Continua Sustainable Carbonaceous Materials (SCM), carbon black manufacturer Birla Carbon is showcasing its Continua 8000 SCM, a sustainable and greener alternative to traditionally used furnace carbon black.

Engineered for the circular economy, the Continua SCM products aim to enable large and quantifiable carbon footprint reductions to help the tire industry become cleaner with more sustainable value chains.

“Continua is a 100% circular product from tire pyrolysis. It is a carbon-negative product and brings circularity at scale to all industries that it is suitable for, such as the tire industry, plastics and other rubber and coatings industries,” commented Joseph Hallett, technical lead for Continua. “We are currently running a pilot plant to supply our customers during the initial phases, but the final plant in the Netherlands is coming on stream in the back end of 2023. When fully finished it will bring 70,000 metric tons of Continua to the market and will be the largest operational facility in Europe.”

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