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On show. The resource saving rubber reworking system slashing waste

At Tire Technology Expo 2022, UTH will present its innovative TRP Reworker based on the two-roll plasticizer (TRP) with an integrated roll-ex gear pump. This resource-saving system is designed to rework unvulcanized rubber that is generated in the tire manufacturing process. Unvulcanized rubber such as treads, sidewalls, profiles or sheets is processed in a particularly gentle and continuous way, using an automatic process, so that these materials can be returned to the production process.

The production of tires inevitably creates reject material. This material should be recycled for sustainability and the economical use of valuable resources – not least because of the high price of raw material. In this process, the basic principles of the TRP technology come into play, combining proven methods in rubber processing, such as cracking, homogenizing, discharging and straining.

The system consists of three zones along the length of a roll, which in combination give rise to a fully automated, continuous and reproducible process.

Advantages of the TRP Reworker include reduced energy consumption, the material is processed very gently in the refinement process, temperature control is ensured, and the system has a modular structure, which means the material can be formed into almost any shape by an integrated roll-ex gear pump with an optional fine strainer.

The modular concept allows customized designs and includes modules such as slab feeders, cutters, metal detectors, weighing equipment and various discharge dies.

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